The Foundation's goals are strictly limited to the academic sphere, in which it aims to support scholars and institutions worldwide in their pursuit of research on Chinese civilization, and to promote cooperation and exchange between domestic and foreign academic organizations. The goals can be summarized according to nine broad categories:

1. To support the study of Chinese civilization in academic institutions at home and abroad

2. To support foreign scholars in the humanities and social sciences to travel to Taiwan for the purpose of conducting field research related to the Republic of China.

3. To support domestic universities and academic organizations to undertake cooperative scholarly activities with their counterparts throughout the world.

4. To support international academic conferences.

5. To support the publication of scholarly books and periodicals.

6. To support foreign doctoral candidates in the writing of their dissertations, and to support Postdoctoral research by recent PhD's.

7. To support domestic graduate students to travel abroad for the purpose of attending international academic conferences.

8. To develop connections and cooperation with important cultural and educational institutions, and with cultural and educational foundations worldwide.

9. To develop other projects which will help to enhance the international status of Sinological research.

The Foundation seeks, through scholarly exchange, to widen and expand the scope of research on Chinese civilization in order to establish it as a part of the common heritage of humankind.