@The Foundation's highest authority resides with its Board of Directors, which is comprised of government officials, eminent scholars and financial contributors from the business community. Seats on the Board are held for a three year term, with successors elected by the sitting Board in accordance with the Organizational Charter of the Foundation. The Board also elects controllers, who hold office for three years and are responsible for overseeing the Foundation's endowment, financial policy, expenditures and grant allocations. The Foundation maintains a headquarters in Taipei where the President oversees the work of the Foundation, assisted by two Vice-Presidents. The American office is managed by a Director who carries out the directives of the Foundation headquarters.

    The Foundation has established four regional review committees: America, Europe, Domestic and Asia-Pacific. Members of these committees, who serve at the invitation of the President, bring the expertise of scholars from a wide range of academic fields to assist the Foundation in evaluating grant applications.

@The Foundation's headquarters in Taipei directly administers programs in the Domestic, European and Asian-Pacific regions. The American office in McLean, Virginia administers programs in the American region.