@The publications of this Foundation include its quarterly Newsletter and a special 10th-Anniversary Volume.

@The CCK Newsletter was published four times each year in English, and included information and news about the Foundation, its programs in the four regions, and the activities and progress of CCK grant recipients. Volume 1, Number 1, was published in March of 1993, while Volume 10, Numbers 1 and 2, were published in July of 2001. The latter represent the last of the series to be published in hard-copy. Henceforth, the functions of the CCK Newsletter will be replaced by the "CCK Newsletter" section of our website.

@The 10th Anniversary Volume, in English, was published in January, 1999 to commemorate the Foundation's first decade. The contents include: an introduction to the Foundation, a retrospective and remarks from the Chairman of the Board, recollections of the past ten years from the President, an essay on trends and changes in area studies and the current direction of Sinology by Professor Hsu Cho-yun, and an essay on the Foundation's historical role in the North American region by Professor Kao Ying-mao.